No bullshit

We accept that creativity is a bit messy.

When you hire a traditional agency, you’ll suddenly find yourself in endless Zoom meetings to drone on about proposals and estimates and timelines and schedules and roadmaps and… blah, blah, blah.

We propose a radical alternative: all that time and effort could have been spent actually working. Sure, without iron-clad structure in place there will inevitably be twists and turns along the way, but that’s ok!

The solution to the creative process being nonlinear isn’t to impose rigid processes that stifle creativity. The solution is to simply be transparent with clear communication along the way.

Modern process

Sure, it’s fun to party like it’s 1999, but why are we still working that way?

From the moment you sign a contract with candycode, we can leave the “You’ve Got Mail” era of long email chains and forgetting to hit ‘reply all’ where it belongs: the last millennia. If you’d like, we can pick up the conversation from within the candycode dashboard, the one and only thing you’d ever have to “check” when working with us.

Client dashboard

Any agency expecting you to sift through your junk folder for something “important” is just being lazy. Whether it’s giving us feedback, paying an invoice, or scheduling a meeting, it can all be handled from within the candycode dashboard.

Easy brand management

We don’t leave you hanging with a clunky “style guide” or email full of attachments. We make it easy to download your logo in any format you need, find your brand color values, and install your brand fonts on your computer.

Sane website management

Getting a high-end website doesn’t mean you’ll need a developer to make changes to your website. We’ve integrated our favorite content management systems directly into the client dashboard.

Helpful knowledgebase

We maintain a searchable database of meticulously updated, step-by-step guides to help walk you through any technical things that you might need to do like configuring a domain name or setting up an email account.

Simple commitments

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand what you’re getting.

Other agencies prepare quotes so dense with jargon that they could almost put chicken scratch on a napkin and say “that’s a wrap!” They do this because creative and technical projects are notoriously difficult to estimate ahead of time.

We’re not interesting in playing a game of tug-of-war over where the “scope of work” ends. So all of our brand and website packages come with very straightforward commitments.

Basically we’d rather just charge enough up front and not sweat the small stuff. No one wants endless “change orders”. Then after you acquire a candycode brand or website, we offer several different tiers of maintenance retainers to keep your brand and website in tip-top shape.