Brand strategy

We can’t unleash your brand’s inner voice until we hear its inner thoughts.

Before we can design your brand or build your website, we have to get existential first. Each client comes to us at a different point of their brand’s journey, so we’ve crafted a flexible onboarding process. For most our two-week brand strategy sprint is sufficient. But if you’re already certain of your brand, just go through some fun self-service questionnaires. And if you’re feeling completely lost and need some extra guidance, we’ll arrange for our team to meet yours on a retreat!

Graphic design

Lean into brand stylescapes to accelerate timeless design.

Other agencies take a sequential approach to brand design that gets lost in the details. They design a logo. Then they pick a color palette. Then they think about typography. By the end of the process it’s a jumbled mess. Maybe your wild typography really calls for a more muted logo. Or maybe your minimal aesthetic requires louder logo for balance. That's why we start with the big picture.

Web design

Modern websites should be rich, fun, interactive experiences

When someone lands on your website, we want them to feel like they feel like they’ve discovered a portal to your brand’s secret world. That’s why our web designers use modern tools like Figma and Framer to capture the essence of how your website is expected to work, not just how it looks.

Web development

We have an in-house team of creative React developers to make sure nothing gets “lost in translation.”

Our expert React developers enjoy working closely with talented designers to build fully branded websites with only the best ingredients. That usually means pairing a user-friendly content management system like Payload, Sanity, or Contentful with a powerful ecommerce vendor like Stripe or Shopify. If you don't know what any of that means, no worries. Just know that your new website will be wicked-fast, easy to manage, and a joy to use.

Web hosting

Our high-end sites require high-end infrastructure. We’ll handle it.

Performance matters. Publishing a custom React website to a cheap hosting provider is like printing an otherwise great business card on flimsy paper. That’s why we host our sites exclusively on enterprise-grade web infrastructure like Vercel, Netlify, Fastly, and Cloudflare.

They’re all trusted by the world’s top brands to automatically deploy copies of their websites to a resilient global edge network. That means your website will be just as fast to load in London, Tokyo, or Sydney as it is in New York or Los Angeles. Plus enjoy the peace of mind that comes with ZERO downtime.

Brand development

After you acquire a candycode brand or website, we don’t leave you hanging.

Brands and websites aren’t static deliverables. A brand needs to be nurtured. A website needs to be maintained. And you’re obviously not a graphic design or web development company so an agency shouldn’t just hand over the reins and call it a day.

We offer a range of maintenance retainers to meet your ongoing creative and technical needs. So you don’t have to worry about whether you can trust another team to keep your assets on brand. Think of us as a friendly ally you can summon whenever you need!