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Learn why a “cutting-edge” agency is building on Gatsby Cloud in 2022

candycode takes pride in being an alternative digital agency that leans into the future of technology. So we’re sure that our decision to build our agency’s new website on Gatsby Cloud will come as a surprise to many React developers that have outdated perceptions of Gatsby from back when it was simply a static site generator and not the feature-complete, full-stack React framework it is today.

Nevertheless choosing a React framework felt like an impossible decision for us here at candycode because Gatsby, Next.js, and Remix are all such wonderful tools. As of today’s release, however, we believe that Gatsby 5 currently represents the state of the art among the React frameworks with its new “reactive site generation” model, automatic TypeScript type generation, and experimental support for React Server Components.

Watching a Sanity content update both build and deploy a production Gatsby site to their global CDN in less than one second was a truly remarkable experience for our team. The fact that these are genuine atomic deployments that can be previewed before being published and can be rolled back instantly at any time make a very compelling business case that Gatsby Cloud is the safest place for creative React agencies to experiment with new ideas. It’s an incredible technological achievement that Gatsby has scaled this model to support websites with millions of pages.

We’re delighted by the Gatsby 2022 Glow Up and hope that more creators discover that Gatsby 5 supports all of the latest features that modern React developers love, including serverless functions, server-side rendering, and deferred static generation, which is considered by the industry to be “the most faithful implementation” of distributed persistent rendering.

candycode is excited to launch our agency’s new website on Gatsby Cloud today, but we look forward to crafting immersive digital experiences for our clients with all the popular React frameworks. Besides, now that React developers can finally use Gatsby’s “Content Mesh” in Next.js and Remix projects, isn’t it about time we all get along? We’re one beautiful React community after all!

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