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The organic perfume maker based in Somerset, England blends limited releases of seasonal fragrances at each solstice and equinox.

Retro Roll

An experiential marketing agency curates unforgettable brand experiences in Southern California. It's time to take your digital campaigns to the street!


The new React framework sponsored by Vercel is taking a minimal approach to full-stack development to accelerate the work of startups and agencies.

smol ai

The Vercel-backed artificial intelligence startup is leveraging the power of small language models and building the ultimate toolkit for AI engineers.

Mosholder Studios

A world-renowned, site-specific installation artist, Megan Mosholder is known for her permanent art installations at the headquarters of several “Big Tech” giants including Google, Meta, and Microsoft.


The popular state management library for React is quickly taking the front-end web development world by storm with millions of downloads every month.

Coggs Circus

A fun company beloved by the burner community, Coggs Circus is known for selling the world’s best circus equipment. Circus is the new yoga!


The critically acclaimed video game for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X tells an interactive story through the eyes of the first sentient artificial intelligence.


A film production company based in Los Angeles known for taking content personally, Flashbox Films takes pride in their hands-on approach including creative development and script consultation.


A unique whiskey infused with real cinnamon, Femme has a complex flavor that’s both sweet and spicy. It’s perfect for sipping on its own or adding some spice to your favorite cocktails!


A new line of CBD and herbal-infused fresh fruit smoothies in a variety of delicious flavors. Expertly crafted with only natural ingredients, Nectar is perfect for those seeking a healthy way to relax and unwind!


The power couple known for their award-winning work on The Walking Dead, Hufkie–Wright is now a unique fashion brand set on “making women feel like queens.”

Erica’s Soul Food

Atlanta-born founder Erica Montgomery’s Southern dishes have been praised in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times. She enjoys bringing a classic Atlanta style to the Portland culinary scene.


We’re a fan of “first principles” thinking.

We’re here to disrupt the ancient creative agency model with a technique unencumbered by what everyone else is doing wrong. We have respect for those that paved the way, but the truth is they can’t keep up with growing consumer expectations and radically accelerating technologies.


Your brand’s image is critical. We feel you.

Entrusting an agency to design your brand or build your website can make you a bit nervous. We get it. It’s an awesome responsibility for an agency to build the bridge between your company and its global audience. That’s why we consider the client perspective in everything that we do.


We got into this to have a blast.

For us that means running a tight ship with a solid crew and leaning into the future of technology. By amplifying our impact, we’re able to take a more patient and methodical approach to our work. This forward-thinking mindset opens the space of calm necessary to realize big ideas.

    logo design

We don’t do quick, easy, or basic. Instead we listen to your brand’s inner voice that’s been screaming to get out. Lean into progressive, experimental design and let your competition blend together.


Delight your customers while unleashing Google® PageSpeed™ scores on your search engine rankings. Leave your competitors in the dust with a high-performance digital presence built with React.

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candycode is the alternative graphic design and web development agency. We specialize in crafting avant-garde brands and engineering high-performance websites for innovative companies that aren’t afraid to make some noise. Let’s forge a deep connection with your unique audience.


Join our ragtag team of talented misfits.

Don’t settle for an occasional “fun” project buried between the regular “boring” ones. After all we find our best work is achieved when everyone is having fun and embraces a childlike sense of wonder. So send us a link to your creative portfolio today. We’re always seeking new talent with fresh perspectives!


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